At Nóvalo, we are celebrating! In 2024, we celebrate 20 years of growth and evolution in which we have learned to adapt and change along with our customers. This is a moment of great happiness for us, and it motivates us to keep progressing, conquering new markets, and, above all, enthusiastically facing new challenges.

During these two decades, we have had the pleasure and honour of helping national and international brands to expand their borders and achieve their most ambitious goals. Leading companies from different industries, such as Freepik, Jobandtalent, Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Heineken or Loewe.

We have designed a new logo to commemorate our 20th anniversary 

2024 is an exciting year! For such a special occasion, we are happy to announce that we are going to carry out a series of special initiatives and actions this year to commemorate two decades of growth and success.

One of them is this adaptation of Nóvalo’s logo: a unique design that reflects our evolution over the years and our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Nóvalo: 20 years of supporting companies in their global expansion 

Since we started our journey in 2004 in Rincón de la Victoria (Malaga), we have developed more than 50,000 projects for outstanding clients from more than 20 countries. Each project has been a unique challenge that we have overcome thanks to the experience and dedication of our team members, the most advanced technological solutions and the trust of our clients.  

Therefore, our anniversary marks an important milestone in Nóvalo’s history and makes us reflect on the path we have travelled. Since our beginnings as an agency specialising in translation and interpreting, we have improved and increased our service offering to successfully respond to the changing needs of our clients and their target markets.

Today, we are proud to be a company that stands out for offering customised solutions ranging from international digital marketing and branding to software and websitedevelopment and localisation to creative translation and interpreting for major global events, among other services.

Innovative technology: two decades applying the most innovative tools in our daily lives 

To support companies during their internationalisation process, we have had to evolve and reinvent ourselves at the same speed as their needs do. In fact, the prominence that innovative technological tools, such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learningare reaching is not something new for Nóvalo since we have been applying them in our day-to-day since our beginnings.  

The boost your global brand needs

Incorporating the technological advances of the industry has been a constant throughout our experience. We combine the creativity and talent of our team with these new technologies to help our clients develop marketing and communication strategies that connect with their international audiences. No matter where they market their brands, we help them speak the language of their audiences. 

With an eye on the future 

At the moment, Nóvalo is focused on continuing to expand its offer of customised solutions to respond to its customers’ new branding and international communication needs. It is a great challenge that is only possible with a specialised team behind each project. We are a team of twenty people who have adapted the communication strategy for leading brands to more than 300 language combinations, which has been vital when making the international leap to markets around the world.