Success Stories


Over these years we have won the trust of small and large companies, as well as local and national institutions. All found the perfect solution to their communication needs.

Here's what some of our customers have to say about us

Hotel Alcazaba Premium and Málaga Premium Hotel

Our accommodation, the Alcazaba Premium Hostel, has not been open for very long. However, Nóvalo has helped and supported us from the very beginning. Regarding our website, the company is in charge of writing excellent content, both static and dynamic, and has launched a SEO and SEM campaign that has drastically increased our visits and our online reputation. We are delighted with the team’s work positioning our business, which has also involved excellent management of our social media networks. They have also translated the website into 10 languages, allowing us to access numerous markets and receive guests from all over the world. In short, we continue to count on them for everything that involves digital marketing strategies and content, because we have noticed an exponential rise in visits and reservations that benefits us directly, thanks to their work in these areas.

Consorcio Qualifica

The last few years working with Nóvalo have shown us that punctuality, availability and organisation are features that distinguish them and make them stand out from the rest. We greatly value their efficiency in constantly updating translations on our tourist information platform. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of professionalism they offer at all times.

Sulake (Habbo)

We have been working with Nóvalo for more than a year with a portfolio of more than 10 languages. Our Habbo product has texts that are quite complicated to localise, as we mix video gaming with social networking and target a young audience. I must admit that from the very beginning Nóvalo provided accurate translations, very well adapted to our teenage audience and reflecting English slang successfully in the different local cultures. The process of working with them is proving very effective, with a team of good professionals who always manage to provide our texts well translated and on time. This is not easy, as we usually make many last-minute requests with aggressive deadlines. Our experience working with Nóvalo as our sole localisation provider has been very positive and we look forward to working with them for many years to come!

Grupo Cortefiel

We could describe Nóvalo’s production work as fast, efficient and professional, but this would be no more than what we would ask of any supplier. In our case, we notice the positive difference in the warm, personal treatment and in the understanding of what the client really needs, especially at times when it is necessary to adjust processes and timing to achieve common objectives.

Collaborators, associations and clubs

We have invested in collaborating with public and private organisations that support our activities.