Más que palabras, soluciones

More than just words, solutions

We simplify translation processes and break through language and cultural barriers.

Online Platform

What should a real technology solution placed at the service of translation be like? This is the question we have been asking ourselves for years. We’ve finally managed to answer it thanks to the work we’ve done shoulder to shoulder with our customers and technology partners.

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Mantenimiento-de-contenido-onlineOnline Contents Maintenance

One of the main problems faced by companies and organization is maintaining online contents on a regular basis, which requires working on several Web platforms and uploading translated contents in record time.

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App_softwareApplication / Software

An online platform is the most accessible solution that can be made available to any customer. However, we want to go that one step further. That’s why we have placed desktop software at our customers’ disposal.

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Human Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced experts totally committed to their work in translation, communications and information technologies.

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What our customers think about us

What some of our customers think about us…

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It depends on the context

What we think about everything we care about…

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