Tigercat is a privately-owned Canadian company with international scope, specialising in the design and manufacture of first-class logging equipment and industrial machinery, with over twenty years of history, a solid reputation and a global customer base.


Tigercat wanted to make its website a tool that would help to penetrate the different target markets in the company’s internationalisation process. The need to translate and optimise content for Internet search engines (SEO) had become a priority in its business model. For the company, a global web presence was a cornerstone of its strategy, which is why it was decided to localise the website in 6 languages, with English as the main language. The content of the website is highly specialised and dynamic, requiring robust quality control in each of the languages. Achieving a consistent site with good quality and well positioned content (SEO) was a major concern for Tigercat.


The tailor-made solution for the translation and SEO challenge was provided by our TransConnector tool. With English as the main language, the tool simplified the work process thanks to its integration with WordPress. A simple and error-free workflow made it possible to undertake the translation process into each of the 6 chosen languages automatically and periodically. Tigercat hardly needed to be involved in the process, an aspect that the company particularly appreciated. TransConnector allows professional translation and SEO work, as well as maintenance and content creation, to be carried out simply and efficiently. The tasks of exporting and importing content enable optimal content management and optimisation (SEO) in any working language. This transformed the website went from a mere advertising presence to being an online tool with a flow of users that increased from 14,000 to 29,000 per month in less than 12 months.

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