Jobandtalent is a Spanish company that in recent years has achieved great international projection, being in the top 11 European companies showing the highest growth, according to the Financial Times. Thanks to their app, they have revolutionised the job opportunities of many people, while making it easier for both users and companies to search for talent, hire and manage payroll. They have brought a revolution in the labour market.


Jobandtalent needed to outsource translation tasks that could not be carried out internally. They needed a trusted translation service provider with extensive experience in translations of all kinds, but especially in areas such as software localisation, marketing and specialised translation of legal and regulatory texts. All this, with the possibility of translating from Spanish and English into several languages such as French, Swedish, German and Portuguese; also providing the quickest delivery margins possible. The technology sector is evolving rapidly and Jobandtalent and many other the companies in their industry work at the same pace in many ways. Ultimately, their needs were focused on finding a dynamic and quality translation service provider that could adapt to their pace and meet their exacting demands.


From the beginning, the need to create specific teams of translators and proofreaders based on the typology of texts and language combinations was identified. This translates into confidence and reliability, since as they approach different projects our translators and proofreaders get to know the client, as well as their terminological needs, perfectly. This has been just as important as always being able to count on the help of Jobandtalent when facing doubts about the right translation in different contexts, especially notable in the localisation of the app’s sensitive content. Here, Jobandtalent has helped us with valuable feedback in the face of any need for support arising from the absence of context while carrying out the work. Working for them is a constant challenge that together we are overcoming thanks to our long-term collaboration.