01/The client

BRANDT® Europe is a family-owned American multinational company with more than 60 years of experience in the agricultural fertilizer sector. Their commitment to agriculture, people, and quality products has made BRANDT® Europe one of the reference suppliers in this sector on a global scale. Their catalog has a portfolio of more than 250 references that market in more than 70 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA area).

Their strong commitment to R&D and their work on their technology have given BRANDT® Europe great international recognition and have positioned them as one of the most innovative companies in the field. Their constant investment in research has culminated in the development of bio-resilient products that improve crop profitability, facilitate farmers’ work, and take care of the environment by promoting sustainable global agriculture.

02/The challenge

The tremendous international recognition that BRANDT® Europe has achieved in the agricultural sector, together with the exponential growth they have experienced in recent years and the high specialization of the products they market, have led the American multinational to find a partner with experience in offering comprehensive digital marketing solutions and technical translation.

In Nóvalo, we have developed a completely personalized 360° plan in which all the fundamental aspects of their digital marketing strategy are unified (web development, SEO, copywriting, social network management, newsletter, and email marketing) and whose execution is carried out through a personalized methodology, wholly adapted to the client’s workflow.

03/The solution

The first step was to organize several meetings between our consultants and the BRANDT® Europe team to know their needs and carry out a comprehensive marketing and SEO audit that would give us the keys to define the strategic line to be followed.

From the beginning, BRANDT® Europe conveyed to us their need to launch the development of their new website, as well as its localization and adaptation to 3 languages: Spanish, English, and French. The main objective was to launch a new site with a concrete structure and functionalities to offer solid and practical support to their network of distributors and customers. The development process included a complex search engine for products by category, a library of sheets and technical documents downloadable from the more than 250 references in their catalogue, and an exclusive area for customers. In addition, an SEO strategy and a specific keyword plan for each market were developed from an SEO point of view, in line with their new content strategy.

In parallel, BRANDT® Europe needed to enhance and strengthen its brand positioning and online reputation through an updated branded content strategy (brand messages, creative design, videos, and templates for email marketing)with a proposal that unifies its corporate image, reflects its philosophy and is faithful to the international identity of the brand. Some requirements that Nóvalo has been able to understand and execute successfully and that have had a positive impact on the perception that users have of BRANDT® Europe in the different channels, online and offline.

Finally, the 360° plan we designed also included the management of their social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). This way, we develop a social media plan aligned with the multinational’s primary objectives to establish a monthly editorial strategy on which we work together with their marketing department.

Thanks to the elaboration of this comprehensive strategy, BRANDT® Europe managed to reduce the incidents that their previous website registered almost daily. They also improved their SEO positioning in all the markets in which they are present, and their community in social networks has continued to grow. All this, with the comfort and security of working hand in hand with a specialized team that provides them with a quick response to their every need.