Loewe, a haute couture firm founded in 1846, is the hallmark of fashion in Spain and a worldwide benchmark. The brand is synonymous with luxury, quality and elegance and has a great reputation in the world of luxury fashion houses. The Loewe Foundation, created at the firm’s behest, strives to preserve art and culture and celebrates the renowned Loewe Craft Prize.


Loewe regularly publishes marketing and communication material and needs its translation into several different languages to be clear, impactful and of the highest quality, in particular their press releases and other editorial publications of a similar nature. In addition, they require interpreting services at press conferences to facilitate communication between speakers and guests or journalists. On the other hand, the Loewe Foundation needs its communications in other languages in the field of calls for tenders and other elements to be precise and rigorous.


For Loewe and the Loewe Foundation, N贸valo has created a team of fashion writers, translators and proofreaders with a creative and distinctive style, in order to satisfy the client’s demanding requirements regarding the style of their publications. In addition, we provide the firm with interpreters who are aware of the importance of image and words at every event organised by a fashion company with international reach.

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