Nóvalo expands its team and updates its facilities!

After a year with a great number of new clients, a considerable increase in ongoing projects and the development of new business lines, including content writing and digital marketing, in Nóvalo we have expanded the team in our Malaga office with three new incorporations. Do you want to meet the new members of this great team? Let us introduce you to Maria, Sofia and Alejandro. Injection of fresh blood!

Maria Melendez, junior translator and proofreader, did her internship with us at the end of her degree studies and never left. Diligent, meticulous and swift, she will not stop until she finds the solution. His favourite quote is from Calderon de la Barca: “His own self-murderer is the man whom knowledge injures”.

Sofia Muñoz is a multilingual translator and joins the team as a junior translator and writer. She has fit in perfectly with the team thanks to his open mind and spirit when facing challenges. A quote to define her? “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” (Nelson Mandela).

Alejandro Morales also joins the team as a junior translator and writer and provides us with his hybrid profile, halfway between technical and linguistic, versatile and flexible. Yet another tireless traveller, passionate about challenges. His favourite quote: “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives” (Albert Einstein).

Nuevos miembros de Nóvalo

As in any family, at Nóvalo we are more than proud of the team members: capable and decisive professional translators and project managers and, above all, great colleagues. A team that moves the translation machine day after, allowing us to offer our clients quality, efficiency and speed for their projects.

Equipo de Nóvalo

While we are at it… not only have we expanded our team, but we have also had to expand our office spaces to accommodate that much talent. So we have given our facilities a new touch. Light, lots of light, lots of white and also green (our ‘Nóvalo-green’). A renewed atmosphere where we can work at ease. New layout of spaces, tables, more comfortable desk chairs, new computer equipment and more space to fight stress (difficult, but not impossible!).

Nueva estructuración de Nóvalo

And so we close this intense summer. With fully charged batteries and plenty of energy to face the last stretch of the year with a new atmosphere and a dynamic team that goes on growing, improving and settling down day after day, team in which we welcome, with open arms, these new colleagues, joining with enthusiasm and desire to develop with us.