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We help you to achieve your globalization targets through effective communications in different markets. We speak a single language: that of your customers.

Knowing how to identify the solution that best suits the customer is the basis of Nóvalo’s philosophy and our offering of solutions and services arises from it. These are then specifically tailored to each customer’s requirements.
The messages a law firm wishes to convey do not seek the same goal as those of a software development company. Nóvalo’s range of tailored services is deployed on the basis of this supposition and each service acquires its own value: translation, localization, interpreting or consulting.

A good multilingual communications strategy exponentially increases your possibilities of attracting new customers”.

Localización-y-páginas-webIf you’re aiming to make the jump from a local to an international market, allow us to localize your product to other markets through the ideal cultural, linguistic and technical adaptation service. We take charge of totally localizing software applications and any documentation and help files associated to them and ensure maximum coherence among all the project’s different elements. We are also experts in translating and adapting multilingual websites, as well as in maintaining online contents on a variety of platforms.
We know how to simplify seemingly complex projects, speed up and standardize procedures and deliver quality work to make sure time is well spent at minimum cost.
Multimedia-y-videojuegosTackling multimedia and video game translation projects always constitutes a significant challenge. Adapting multimedia products and video games to markets with another language not only involves translating them but also creating a product that meets the expectations of the target audience and culture. We encounter an endlessly diverse market with a short life span. This requires numerous qualities from professionals when it comes to translating these products. At Nóvalo we can count on a large number of professionals with differing backgrounds to carry out this kind of project successfully.
Traduccion-especializadaSpecialized languages or “technolects” are languages used by specific social groups irrespective of their geographic location. Practically all the sciences and professions use their own particular jargon and at Nóvalo we have a team of experts in a broad range of specializations that allows us to cover any communication need, no matter how specific it may be. We are able to translate anything ranging from general and informative texts to legal, business and trade documents, as well as medical and pharmaceutical documents and many other kinds of specialized texts.
Traduccion-juradaThe thoroughgoing knowledge of our sworn translation team has turned us into specialized advisors for all kinds of linguistic intermediation and experts’ reports, both verbal and written, in a legal context. Officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the competent authority of the language in question, our sworn translation professionals in the legal sphere are seasoned experts in translating and certifying a broad range of documents, including: court documents, different kinds of contracts and agreements, minutes, certificates, powers of attorney, academic documents and degrees, wills and probate documents, foreign trade documentation, etc.
The information society’s communication needs and an increasingly multilingual and internationalized economy means that many companies require the help provided by linguistic consultants. Through this highly personalized service, our professionals solve any practical problems that may arise from the use of one or several languages in companies and government agencies. Business language training, professional text editing, lexicography, terminology and consulting and mediation services are among the tasks we offer. Leave your communications in our hands.
InterpretaciónWe place at your disposal professional interpreters in different language combinations to hold events, meetings or conferences.
Simultaneous interpreting specialists work in a booth and are accustomed to conveying messages in another language in real time. We are also able to provide simultaneous interpretation materials, such as booths and other specialized logistical elements.
Chuchotage or whispered interpreting specialists work at different kinds of meetings and events, where the message is conveyed after the speaker has finished talking.
Consult us to help you choose the most suitable service.
Redacción-de-contenidoWe can help you to draft contents, technical documentation, business reports, advertising brochures, e-mails or any other kind of text that may be important for you in any of our working languages. You won’t have to worry about drafting documents in your own language or in any other. Forget about developing complex contents or publications. We can do it for you. Our specialists can draft and produce any kind of specialized documentation and deliver the communications you need to perform your activities within the tightest of deadlines. Don’t worry, save the time and effort you can dedicate to other more important areas of your business.
MaquetaciónAmong the services we offer, we provide customers with the possibility of commissioning us to deal with the format conversion, layout work or final presentation of any type of document, irrespective of media it may be on. Our specialized team is highly experienced in processing documents of any kind and is able to offer a customized high-quality service. The final publication or format conversion of ready-to-print digital documents will no longer be a problem. We work with a variety of professional DTP tools such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Freehand or CorelDraw.
Revisión-y-correcciónWe can give the finishing touch to any translated document on any specific area that needs proofreading by a linguistic or specialized professional in order to ensure it faithfully reflects the source document. We can also proofread galley proofs for both style and meaning. This task is carried out by experienced proofreaders in each language. Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as just the right meaning and style in accordance with a publication’s editorial rules turn out to be essential factors when publishing all kinds of news or scientific articles, or any other for that matter. Make sure your publication feels professional by proofreading it to the same standard required by the language in which it was originally written.
Outsourcing-y-recruitingOffer translation services as yet another solution within your portfolio and thus add value to your company through a framework collaboration agreement that safeguards both companies’ independence.
We also place solutions like drawing up personnel recruitment tests when knowledge of one or several languages is a key factor in candidate selection processes. We liaise with the human resources manager to define the necessary requirements a multilingual job description should meet.
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