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NOTICIA | 01.10.2013

Nóvalo Visit to Sillicon Valley Summary Video


A few months ago, we told you a part of our experience in the Mission to Silicon Valley we did with the support of ICEX, and Fundación Banesto, a mission that was called Spain Tech Week. In this mission, organized by aDigital (Asociación Española de la Economía Digital), they included several activities specially designed to promote the image of Spanish businesses and technology in Silicon Valley.

Nóvalo was one of the selected companies to participate in this mission and give a first step to get closer to the North American market.

After these months, we keep on working in a permanent basis in several initiatives and proposals in order to strength this first step and position ourselves among the main language providers to offer localization and adaptation services to Spanish companies and help them to start internationalizing their businesses.

Check out this summary video, by aDigital, including what happened that week, the activities we did, the companies attending the event and some interviews with their founders and managers.




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