Founded in 2015, El Espa├▒ol is one of the most important Spanish-language digital newspapers in our country. It has a high follow-up rate and readership base, who appreciate its dynamism and the quality of its digital format, as well as its different forms of involvement in society, one of which is through the organisation of high-impact events in different areas. Invertia is its economic digital publication and also actively participates in events of an economic nature. It is undoubtedly a media company of great impact and digital influence in every sense.


El Espa├▒ol faces various challenges in their communications, so in order to offer them the right solution, it was important to identify in detail the nature of their needs. Given their strong digital reputation and high social impact, the challenge had to be addressed from the point of view of linguistic consulting, specialised translation services and collaboration in interpreting for events of diverse typology and wide scope. The needs have been materialised in translations of different nature and related services, but above all in the provision of conference interpretation services for events of great relevance, such as Wake Up, Spain!, Foro de las Finanzas, Ayuda en Acci├│n and other meetings attended by renowned and socially important figures, both nationally and internationally, from the Spanish President, European Union Commissioners and politicians, to influencers and other influential actors in society.


In order to provide them with the most appropriate solution, the important thing in this case was the consulting task which was focused on understanding and addressing the needs individually, both for translation and interpretation. In the case of translation, teams of native translators with experience in journalistic content and creative skills were available at all times to guarantee high-quality objective texts in the target language. In the case of interpreting, advice was provided at all times on both linguistic and technical needs when providing services, such as simultaneous interpreting booths, sound options, remote connection to address the challenge in times of pandemic, etc. In addition, interpreters with years of experience and an extensive background in interpreting for conferences in specialised fields were selected. We have faced various challenges which have required investing a great deal of effort, but which have rewarded us with great satisfaction due to the excellent results achieved. A case like this highlights the importance of close communication with the client at all times to keep the digital and brand reputation intact.