On May 12 and 13, the First Cross-Border Congress of People with Cancer and their Families was held, organized by the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) with special emphasis on the areas of Andalusia and the Algarve. For this special occasion, specialists from all over Spain and Portugal participated in different presentations, round tables and workshops focused on the treatment and vision of cancer in today’s society. At Nóvalo, we are proud that more and more companies and organizations of such diverse nature turn to us when they need to have specialized interpretation services in which quality is paramount. In addition, we are especially excited when we are allowed to work with non-profit associations that put all their efforts into improving the quality of life for others.os demás.

Successful Interpretation Service with Health Measures

In the difficult times that we have to face because of COVID19, every event that is held carries with it a series of extraordinary particularities aimed at respecting all current health measures and regulations and this congress was not going to be an exception. In this event, all the presentations and sessions were organized in a hybrid format, that is, with face-to-face interventions and others remotely, even previously recorded in video. The entire event was broadcast in streaming format, a service provided by a specialized producer through a specific platform developed by another technological partner. It was a multi-band project in which coordination and integration were fundamental pieces.

The organization of the interpretation services for this event was a great challenge since all the interventions were translated by simultaneous interpretation from the producer’s own offices, to avoid connection and broadcasting problems in the streaming format. In addition, some workshops were held simultaneously, which made it necessary to have several interpreters at the same time, who had to coordinate according to the congress’ schedule. All the previous work of organization and coordination reaffirmed us before the AECC as a trusted supplier that adapted at all times to the needs of the event and the different participants in its production.

A Challenge for Our Professional Translation Company

Faced with all these challenges, we faced a series of measures to ensure that the service was developed according to the high-quality standards that we always try to offer as a specialized translation and interpreting agency:

During the event, we counted on the help of four interpreters who perfectly understood each other at all times in an environment of high technical complexity. Such an exhaustive organization also requires working with experienced professionals and resources of all kinds, aspects to which we pay special attention at Novalo.

Also, to safeguard the health of these four professionals and the entire team, instead of using double interpretation booths in which the interpreters rotate with calculated breaks to maximize their productivity, four individual booths were installed. In this way, we managed to overcome the challenge in the face of COVID19 and each interpreting professional had a single workplace that no one else accessed; respecting, however, the necessary rest shifts. This measure prevented interactions and minimized contacts, a measure that the entire team greatly appreciated.

The brilliant coordination of the work of the interpreters and, in turn, with the rest of the working groups resulted in an excellent interpretation service with which the AECC was truly satisfied, and they let us know. A new challenge overcome of which the entire team of Nóvalo is particularly proud.