At N贸valo we keep getting good news! Shortly after receiving the news that our campaign for La F谩brica de Cerveza and Grupo Premium was becoming a finalist for the 11 Agripina Awards, we were informed by the Malaga Marketing Club that our Aidoo by Airzone campaign competes in the Best Communication and Marketing Digital Action category at its annual awards.

It is an honour that this relevant Malaga marketing organization values our work and that of our partner Bazar Films, a local producer in charge of projects as interesting as Closet, or Black Bass.

Aidoo by Airzone: Our Finalist Campaign at the 2021 Malaga Marketing Club Annual Awards

The campaign with which Novalo has managed to run as a finalist is Aidoo by Airzone. This campaign, which already earned us the title of First Finalist in the 2020 Agripina Awards, consists of several spots through which we managed to show our customer’s new product: Aidoo. A Wi-Fi Inverter control that allows you to easily combine Airzone air conditioning systems with smart systems such as Google Home or Alexa..

The three spots that make up the campaign are 1 minute long, each, and follow the same formula: The Travel, One Degree for the Planet and Meet The Parents, to impact the B2C target audience in our client’s international markets. Another of our intentions with this campaign was to increase the recognition and notoriety of this local brand in the markets in which it is already implemented, aimed at the B2B target of air conditioning professionals.

This multi-channel campaign, in which more than thirty professionals participated, generated more than 200,000 views and 90,000 clicks on different ads and publications.

The Annual Awards of the Malaga Marketing Club 2021

In these annual local marketing awards, which are becoming increasingly relevant on the regional and national scene, the work of marketing professionals in the province of Malaga is rewarded and recognised in categories such as Best Brand Experience, Best Product or Service, Best CSR Action, Best Business Action, Best HR Marketing Action (Employer Branding), Best Marketing Professional, Best Communication ActionandBest Digital Marketing Action.

And it is in the latter that our campaign in collaboration with Bazar Films has been selected as a finalist. The jury of the CMKM 2021 Awards will take into account aspects such as the measurement of the impact of the campaign, the contribution to the increase in brand recognition, the level of contribution to the marketing plan, the visibility, loyalty and influence indicators, among others, to assess which of the finalist campaigns will be made with the first place in each category.

And if at N贸valo Language Creatives and Bazar Films we work hard to bring this campaign to a successful conclusion, the jury of the Malaga Marketing Club will have to work harder to decide the winner of the 2021 edition of its awards. The competition we face is neither more nor less than the teams of WOM Marketing M谩laga with their Feeling Torremolinos and Tourism campaign and Planificaci贸n Costa del Sol with their Tourism Reactivation Campaign.

We only have to wait until December 2nd to hear the jury’s ruling. From here we send our best wishes to the rest of the finalists and we hope that the best will win.