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NEWS | 19.04.2018

Professional Interpretation at the Malaga Film Festival 2018

At Nóvalo we love cinema! And so much so that we could not miss the big week of cinema in our city, the Malaga Film Festival, to which we contributed our grain of sand by providing with our professional interpretation services to and from Brazilian Portuguese at the XXXIV Latin American Film Authorities Meeting and at the XXVII Intergovernmental Committee of the Ibermedia Programme Meeting. Our team of professional and highly qualified interpreters was in charge of the simultaneous interpretation of the event, in particular, the invited participants from Brazil.

Carlos Bolívar with our professional interpreters team.

Carlos Bolívar with our professional interpreters team.

The Audiovisual and Cinematographic Authorities of Ibero-America Conference (CAACI) is an international organization focused on the Ibero-American sphere whose purpose is contributing  to the cinematography industry development in the audiovisual space of Ibero-American countries, according to established principles based on cooperation and complementarity, and through equal participation in regional cinematographic activity based mainly on integration.

Professional interpretation at Malaga Film Festival 2018

The Malaga Film Festival 2018 opened on the 13th of April and is already a great success for the public and the audience. A big week in which Malaga welcomes filmmakers, actors, technicians, producers, scriptwriters and film authorities for 10 days of glamour, splendor and art in abundance. It is also an opportunity for many new directors who are looking for their place in the competitive world of film and a showcase for new talent on the big screen.




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