Last November, Nóvalo was in charge of interpreting the second Meeting of European Cities against Radicalization at Malaga City Hall. With a team of eight professional interpreters who were in charge of translating and interpreting the speakers’ speeches, which were given in five different languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian and German), the great challenge was interpreting from the five languages into the other five, so that the final combinations of interpreting were as many as 20.

This second Meeting of European Cities against Radicalization, attended by representatives of several European cities that already are applying anti-radicalization policies, took place in Malaga City Hall. As a project promoted by the European Commission, it seeks to promote cooperation and offers support to avoid the consequences of radicalization processes in cities.

Second Meeting of European Cities against Radicalization at Malaga

The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, participates in the second Meeting of European Cities against Radicalization that has been held in the Mirror Hall, at Malaga City Hall.

Representing our city, our Mayor, Francisco de la Torre, together with the Councillor for Citizen Participation, Ruth Sarabia, and the Director of Cifal Málaga, Julio Andrade, attended the event. De la Torre stressed that it was a pleasant honour and an opportunity for the city to host the event, which had its second meeting in Malaga, after the first one being celebrated in Brussels.

At Nóvalo we are delighted to be able to collaborate in this type of event with our work, which is carried out by a fantastic team of translators and professional interpreters who make us more than proud.

Professional interpreters team of Nóvalo

Our professional interpreting team, with two of our founding partners, Sandra Lara and Carlos Bolívar.