Among the services our translation company offers, specialised translation for the tourism industry is one of the most demanded. At Nóvalo, we are glad to share our recent opportunity to join a significant project within this area of expertise: the translation of the book Málaga para invertir, para vivir (Malaga to live, to invest), a project carried out by Promálaga.

What is Promálaga?

Promálaga is a subsidiary company of the Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Malaga City Council) committed to entrepreneurship and business promotion. Job creation, technological investment, innovation and wellness are some of the goals sought by the company. Promálaga and the City Council have worked together to publish its 4th edition of the book Malaga to live, to invest. This book is a bilingual guide aimed at promoting Malaga and its potential as the perfect choice for foreign visitors and investors. It deals with issues such as population, economic activity, education, companies, employees, healthcare, future projects, tourism, transport or cultural activities.

Málaga para invertir

Front page and page 9, Malaga to live, to invest (2017).

Our Translation Agency and Promálaga: A New Success Case

Our translation company has collaborated as a linguistic partner for Promálaga for the last two years. Our relationship started with their website translation and it continues today with the translation of different sort of internal documentation. As we have established a really successful collaboration, they have decided to entrust this challenging project to our company.

In order to meet the expectations of a renowned entity such as the City Council, and considering the significance of the project, it was essential to choose our highly experienced group of professional translators to guarantee the best results in record time.

As a first step, we had a kick-off meeting to analyse the project, advise the customer and propose improvements over previous versions of the book. Once any question had been clarified, our team of experts carried out the translation of the book into English. At this stage, we must highlight the high editorial demands of the text. In a bilingual version of this nature, we had to take good care of the rigorous visual aspect of the book. Finally, as the last phase of the project, we carried out a final testing before sending the work to the customer.

Why Choose our Translation Company in Malaga?

In our translation company in Malaga we know well how to handle and ensure a high quality work with really tightdeadlines. After more than 13 years of experience in the industry, we are able to offer an efficient communication, speed and specialisation using the most innovative technology.

We are delighted to be part of this kind of projects in which both parts, the client and our company, obtain positive feedback. It makes us grow and evolve as a company. In addition, it is a real pleasure for us to participate in such an appealing project, which promotes Malaga as an emerging international force and the perfect fit for investors.