Recently, the national post company Correos de España has decided to award the updating and digital copywriting tender for CorreosLabs. This is an initiative aimed at promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain.

The partnership formed by Nóvalo, our translation and communication agency, and Biko, the digital services company, has been awarded the contract. Both companies are widely known for helping public and private entities to boost and focus their activities by applying customised digital transformation and internationalisation strategies.

Nóvalo and Biko pair up to take up this new challenge after being selected to orchestrate the comprehensive CorreosLabs project last year, when we carried out the full website creation process (from web design to digital copywriting and translation). An exciting project in which we did our best in order to meet the expectations of Correos de España.

In this second stage, at Nóvalo we will be responsible for the full copywriting strategy, which will be based on the quality of these contents. This task includes the entire process from planning the work and proposing ideas to writing, translating or keeping the website up to date.

To fulfil this purpose, we will implement a detailed communication strategy based on publishing news, events, reviews or any other quality content on a consistent basis both in Spanish and English. It will help to make public the efforts of CorreosLabs to promote and reinforce its ideas and spaces, as well as support the selected projects for the Lehnica challenge. All of this, bearing in mind that our co-worker, Biko, will be in charge of any required IT aspect.

Digital Copywriting and Translation of #CorreosLabs

As a translation and multilingual content agency, we are pleased to continue working with Correos de España to make CorreosLabs an innovative meeting point thanks to the dissemination of contents and the strengthening of its project and spaces. Along with the support of Biko and Correos, we are sure that we will meet all the objectives.