Some time ago, the renowned local newspaper Diario Sur reported the difficulties encountered by many foreigners residing in Malaga while accessing the well-known Teatro Cervantes theatre website and understanding its contents in different languages. According to the newspaper (in Spanish), with expressions such as ‘fertilizers’ instead of ‘season tickets’, ‘villages’ for ‘seats’ or ‘the folder’ for the artist ‘El Carpeta’, it was evident they used an automatic translation service to localise into English the renowned theatre webpage content. Not only in this language, but in all the languages offered on the webpage, such as German, for example.

Warned about these failures by the cited newspaper, the new management of the Cervantes theatre immediately proceeded to cancel the machine translation service. In addition, being aware of the error, the theatre managers also disabled the Teatro Echegaray theatre translated contents, with a similar structure, and announced that professional translators would be hired to update the website. According to Diario Sur, after requesting several quotations, the selected company was ours, for both the “prices and the services it provided”, since Nóvalo eLinguistic Services offers web and multimedia translation, consultancy, interpretation, SEO and content writing services in all languages.

Localización de la web del Teatro Echegaray

At Nóvalo, we are proud to announce that these services were assigned to our translation company and our team of professionals, who became responsible for the complete content translation of both websites and its proper adaptation to English for both theatres, Cervantes and Echegaray. A completely localised and adapted translation into English, carried out by professional native translators, specialized in the areas of the content presented by both theatres.

This way, the localization of the English contents of both theatres has undergone a radical transformation and, thanks to the work of our professional translators, we can assure a precise and adapted communication of the webpage contents, which are now completely accessible to the large number of foreign audience who, more frequently than ever, attends the events organised by these important theatres in Malaga.

In addition, Nóvalo has been regularly translating the different program and material updates on both web pages, thus assuring homogeneity and consistency in the content translations. This is a demanding and complex task, which requires a high level of quality, given the remarkable visibility of the webpage of what is the most important theatre in Malaga, a city that, on the other hand, hosts an important international and tourist community.

Our team and we are proud to collaborate, once again, in cultural related projects that are so relevant for our city.