01/The client

Unicaja Banco is one of the main Spanish financial institutions, with headquarters in Malaga and established in 2011 by the Unicaja savings bank. It is a highly consolidated listed entity in the banking sector that is part of the Ibex 35 selective index.

Currently, Unicaja Banco has a national network of around a thousand offices, about 2,500 own ATMs, a human team composed of about 8,000 employees and a portfolio of more than 4 million customers.

These numbers also reflect its good reputation as it has positioned itself as a bank with an impeccable track record of solvency and financial soundness, which has made it the benchmark bank in six autonomous communities. Unicaja Banco thus collects the historical testimony of a wide set of savings banks from different geographical areas of Spain, some of centenary origin, and all with a long history as credit institutions with a marked social character.

02/The challenge

Unicaja Banco was looking for a linguistic partner specialized in web localization and specialized translation (finance) that would help it adapt the contents, both of its main website, and of the Unicorp Patrimonio website (Unicaja Banco’s securities company specialized in private banking), into two languages: English and Catalan.

The main challenge was clear in this case: the client needed a specialized team in financial translation that precisely adapted the contents related to its different landing pages and its financial products to the socio-cultural profile of its clients according to their geographical area: national, in Catalan, and international, in English.

03/The solution

At Nóvalo, in order to respond to the client’s needs, we havedeveloped a customised and tailor-made process that guarantees the quality and terminological precision expected from a leading financial institution such as Unicaja Banco. In addition to making available to the client the experience and talent of our team, this project also requires the use of cutting-edge translation technologies that make it possible to ensure that all texts meet the marked requirements and that the financial terminology is consistent and adequate according to the type of information to be located. For example, whether it is financial products or stock market information.

In addition, due to the innate characteristics of the sector, this is a very demanding project in terms of general organization, delivery times and quality control that requires our team of translators to maintain a regular and precise flow of localised content in each working language. Undoubtedly, after so many years collaborating with Unicaja Banco, these requirements have been key so that the project continues to develop successfully and the entity continues to trust in the good work of Nóvalo Language Creatives.


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