Badi is a leading long-term room rental platform with a presence in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Berlin. The company’s aim is to provide a more efficient solution to housing in large cities thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and to offer the best room rental experience to its users.


Badi needed to translate content into 6 languages partnering with a linguistic service provider with technical expertise in order to further advance their internationalisation process and continue their expansion in the different target markets, including the most important Western European countries, such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. Later, there was also a need to proofread the original content written in British English and adapt it to American English to make the leap to the United States. Badi needed to manifest their values as a company and convey their approachability and ability to simplify the complex, achieving a balance between the right tone and style in the target languages. Speed in the multilingual translation process was a key factor when publishing weekly updates to the application, often with last-minute modifications, as well as knowledge of the ins and outs of software localisation. Moreover, many of the previously existing translations had not been carried out by professional translators, resulting in inconsistencies and errors.


The solution to meet this challenge was, first, to form a multilingual translation and proofreading team with almost immediate availability, expert in software localisation, and with experience in the type of content and style of the brand. It was also necessary to find a technical solution that could quickly and reliably extract and upload the texts from the client’s online platform, in order to be able to process them with more powerful tools. Another important step was to find an optimal solution for project management and establish an efficient and well-defined workflow that would allow the constant updating of the application to be addressed quickly and without errors, while also facilitating quality control tasks. Thanks to the use of these processes and tools and by relying on the experience of professional profiles, it was possible to improve the coherence and quality of translations in all languages, which had a positive impact on the company’s brand image and on the usability of the application for users.