Extenda, as an instrument of the Department of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior of the Andalusia Regional Government, aims to promote the internationalization of Andalusian companies, regardless of their sector of activity and size. They offer training, information, specialized consultancy, financing, promotion and international accompaniment services to Andalusian companies to give them the appropriate response to the needs and challenges they encounter throughout the process of commercial expansion abroad. Knowledge, tireless attitude and proven international experience are the values that define an organization that annually serves a number equivalent to three out of four regular exporters in Andalusia. More than 4,000 companies every year, of all sizes and sectors of activity, receive help to achieve their objectives in international markets.


EXTENDA, as part of its commitment to promoting and dynamizing the internationalization of Andalusian companies, intended to integrate consulting and training services in its offer to help partner entities go abroad with a communication strategy, digital marketing and adequate translations. To this end, after evaluating different options on the part of Nóvalo, it was decided to offer linguistic and cultural advice for the internationalization of companies interested in going abroad. In this way, training focused on showing companies how to approach communication and digital content marketing for internationalization through specific working techniques and methodologies with the correct linguistic and cultural approach depending on the target market, always to reach international markets with a correct communication strategy.


To materialize EXTENDA‘s ideas for Andalusian companies, our management team and consultants designed, created and offered a personalized consulting and training service based on the number and nature of the companies interested in making the international leap. To this end, relevant information was requested on the reasons and objectives that motivated companies to go abroad and, once the information was collected, incorporate it into the training material. In particular, several days were held with different target audiences (face-to-face and remotely) aimed at raising awareness of the value of going abroad with a correct communication and international digital marketing strategy, which allows to reach the different target markets with a correct linguistic and cultural adaptation and, therefore, achieve the objectives set by each company. The days aroused great interest and companies incorporated this value into their strategies to enhance their sales tools internationally.