√Ādivin is a 100% online company that manufactures flags, fly banners, banners, marquees masts, and other accessories. It is a European leader in flag manufacturing and has a presence in 18 countries. The company sells essentially to signwriters, printers and advertising professionals, located anywhere in the world.


√Ādivin was looking for a quality multilingual translation service into 12 languages, both to help them spread their marketing campaigns to various markets and to launch a new comprehensive website, under development, to several markets. The client needed seamless, natural translations tailored to their target markets, but also wanted to have a trusted provider familiar with the field of digital marketing and SEO positioning, especially for the localisation of the new website into the 12 target languages. In addition, they also needed a collaborator with advanced knowledge in technologies such as WordPress and Prestashop for translation management. The main objective for them was, in addition to improving positioning in search engines, to have attractive content adapted to different countries with the use of appropriate technical terminology, which would sound natural to their potential customers.


The creation of appropriate and stable work teams (specialised in marketing and copywriting) for the different language combinations has allowed everyone involved to acquire a deep knowledge of the client’s products. The drafting of detailed translation instructions, the resolution of initial doubts and the comprehensive quality controls implemented allow the delivery of the translations within a tight deadline and with a content perfectly adapted to the different target markets. As for web localisation, it was agreed to approach this in language batches. The first challenge was to thoroughly review the proposed keyword plan and agree on a final version. In addition, manuals were created with specific guidelines for SEO writing and translation, so that all collaborators work with a unified approach. The appointment of a project manager to coordinate all the tasks of the work teams and deal with answering the client’s questions and referring doubts to them was fundamental in all processes. Finally, the proofing and quality control tasks, the uploading of the content and the final testing made it possible to obtain a product that met the client’s expectations. The challenge now is to continue to bring maximum value to each translated update and content.