ICEX Espa帽a Exportaci贸n e Inversiones es una entidad ICEX Espa帽a Exportaci贸n e Inversiones is a public business entity whose main purpose is the promotion of the internationalization of the Spanish economy and company and the improvement of its competitiveness, as well as the attraction and promotion of foreign investments in Spain. ICEX works closely with the main business organizations, Chambers of Commerce and sectoral groupings that encompass the Spanish business fabric, to identify the internationalization needs of Spanish companies and develop strategies that allow their consolidation in international markets. ICEX covers the entire value chain of the sectors of the country’s economy by designing programs, promoting activities and providing services oriented and adapted to Spanish companies taking into account the sector in which they operate, their size, their degree of internationalization, their place of residence or the geographical scope of the destination markets.


ICEX, as part of its value proposition and commitment to the internationalization of companies, needed a specialized consulting and training service to make this service available to companies that are part of its ICEX-Next program in order to offer them quality consulting and training in internationalization, multilingual digital marketing and international SEO. Today, SMEs and startups wishing to cross borders and reach other international markets must do so with a correct strategy that allows them to make themselves known, have a quality digital reputation and achieve their business objectives in the destination countries. Undoubtedly, this is an important bet for organizations of any size and having the right training to make the international leap is crucial for the business fabric of our country. To give value to ICEX-Next companies in this matter, N贸valo made its knowledge and experience available to the companies in the program, who showed great interest in the initiative.


To achieve ICEX‘s objectives, our management team and consultants designed, created and offered a personalized consulting and training service based on the number and nature of ICEX-Next companies interested in making the international leap. To this end, relevant information was requested on the reasons and objectives that motivated companies to go abroad and, once the information was collected, incorporate it into the training material. In particular, several days were held with different target audiences aimed at raising awareness of the value of going abroad with a correct international digital marketing and communication strategy, with special emphasis on the value of international SEO as an essential element in the development of multilingual websites that aim not only to be a showcase for sales and brand reputation but to position themselves adequately in the search engines of the different target markets. The days aroused great interest and companies incorporated this value into their strategies to enhance their sales tools internationally.