On Tuesday 24th May, the International Workshop on Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) was held and organized by TJ H2b, and the chosen venue for such an important event were the ADIF facilities located in the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA).

TJ H2b is the biggest analysis laboratory group for the energy industry worldwide, and, as expected, the event was of profound importance within the industry because it featured the well-known Michel Duval. Mr. Duval is a reference in the industry thanks to his “Duval Triangle” method, has been grated 16 patents and is the author of over 90 scientific papers and international regulations.

Nóvalo was the translation company chosen to provide the interpreting services, with our colleagues Catherine and Sarah travelling to the ADIF facilities in order to facilitate seamless communication among all the attendants to the event.

Interpretación en ADIF

Our colleagues Catherine and Sarah in the interpretation booth at the ADIF facilities

Given the nature of the event and the high level of specialization of the topics being discussed, the use of professional interpreters that ensured a top quality service was key for the resounding success of the workshop.

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