Nóvalo attended on 5 November the seventh edition of the European Ecommerce Conference 2013 (EEC13) held in Madrid (Teatros del Canal). This is the most important conference of the Spanish digital scene, bringing us the truth of the most innovative ecommerce and digital business in the market.

We played a significant role, as we were not just mere attendees to a meeting full of talent, but we were in charge of the translation of all the materials related to the event, and also of the simultaneous interpreting offered during the conference. Nóvalo shared communication ties thanks to the excellent job done by two great interpreters and collaborators, Óscar Jiménez y Rafael Porlán. They were responsible for the interpreting from Spanish into English, and vice versa, of all the messages delivered during the conference, showing the top-class service our team always provides. We hope everyone attending the conference truly enjoyed their resourceful linguistic turns, communication strategies and clear messages during this challenging task. That is always the main idea behind all our communication solutions.


EEC13 was a great success in terms of number of attendees, and the event was perfectly organized by adigital (Spanish Digital Economy Association).They were able to join together very representative figures in the industry, sharing their experiences and presenting future initiatives in the digital age. Companies with important messages to convey, such as Destinia, Privalia, Groupon o Bla, Bla Car, among others, stepped onto the stage. Many different topics were discussed, from collaborative consumption, to the best way of launching a startup or ideas to reach international markets…all of them of great interest.

It was a really challenging conference, perfectly organized and full of passion. The interest showed for innovation and entrepreneurship was clear and present all the time, not only among the people attending the conference, but also among the sponsors and collaborators.

We would like to say thank you to the organizers for counting on our team. It’s been a great pleasure and we hope to meet again in a next challenging date!