High-profile local theatres in the city of Malaga, in the public domain.


After certain difficulties were reported regarding accessing the website of the renowned Cervantes Theatre together with problems in understanding the contents published in different languages for foreign visitors, it became evident that an automatic translation service was being used to translate this well-known theatre’s website not only into English, but into all the languages offered, such as German, for example. Alerted to the errors by various sources, the new management of the Cervantes immediately cancelled the automatic translation service which also affected the Echegaray Theatre’s translated contents, which were of a similar nature, and announced the hiring of professional translators to update the website. N贸valo was the company chosen to provide the service.


N贸valo were able to provide coordination of all aspects related to the translation into English of the web portal of both theatres, as well as assistance with the implementation on the web, from both a technical and operational point of view, thanks to the integrated service we offer our web clients. This is a comprehensive project that went from the technical implementation of the new language, through the translation and localisation of the various contents, to the final functional checks.