As one of the first business schools in Spain and one of the first in Europe, the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) was founded in 1955, the result of an agreement between the Ministries of Education and Industry. Throughout all these years, the EOI has been a fundamental pillar in the modernization and industrialization of the Spanish economy and has been crucial in the training of managers in Spain. Some of these milestones have been expansion and presence in Latin America (since 1992), being the first business school to teach MOOC courses (2011) or being the first business school to offer training in Big Data (since 2013), to name a few. In 2016, the EOI created an extensive network of coworking and training spaces for startups and youth employment as part of the European Union’s strategies to promote entrepreneurship and employment in Spain.


For the School of Industrial Organization, it was essential to have a website translated and localized into English that would allow the dissemination and promotion of its programs and contents in this language, both for foreigners established in Spain and for English-speaking countries. In this way, they sought to have a linguistic service provider who had experience in the sector and managed the terminology of the entrepreneurship, business and training sector with ownership. With a tight deadline and the limitation of working against the clock, they published a public tender to find the optimal provider for the localization of their public website.


After meeting the requirements of the public tender launched by the public body and after a previous meeting to define milestones, deadlines, roadmaps and other specific characteristics of the project, Nóvalo obtained the tender and we started the translation and localization of the website into the requested language, in this case, English, with a team of professional native specialized translators and great success in meeting the deadline, objectives and expected quality.

In addition to this translation service, the relationship between the EOI and Nóvalo goes further, as several of the founding partners have been mentors and certified EOI teachers. These partners, through the application of agile methodologies, participate as mentors/consultants advising, guiding and accelerating Spanish startups or companies that participate in the entrepreneurship programs that the EOI has been running in many Spanish provinces. Its work consists of guiding and accelerating projects in the start-up, development and evolution of their business models, in aspects ranging from creation to issues such as brand design, marketing and economic plans, digital transformation, milestone or operational plans of various kinds.