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NEWS | 05.05.2021

AI Powered Machine Translation & SEO. The Answer to Internationalisation?

Machine translation, artificial intelligence, SEO, machine learning, neural translation... These are some of the terms that companies in the process of expansion come across when looking for translation agencies to support their internationalisation strategy. More and more businesses are discovering that new technologies can make their international expansion plans easier, faster and more profitable.

At Nóvalo we are aware of the advantages and benefits of these new tools and techniques, which are already part of everyday life in our sector. Thanks to them we help our clients every day to get their message across to more people in their own language. Do you want to find out how AI powered machine translation or SEO can help you?

Machine Translation - So Much More than Just Google Translate
Neural Machine Translation - The Machine Revolution
How Can AI Powered Machine Translation Improve Your Company's Internationalisation?
How Can AI Powered Translation Improve your Brand Communication?
SEO Translation - The Real Challenge for Machine Translation?
AI Powered Machine Translation & SEO with Nóvalo Language Creatives


Machine Translation — So Much More than Just Google Translate

A new batch of machine translation tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is already in daily use to translate millions of words a day. But what are they based on? And where is machine translation —powered by neural networks and artificial intelligence— heading?

Machine translation has a relatively short history, but that has not been a barrier to significant advances, mainly in the last decade. As of today, nothing can compare with the quality and natural style of "human translation". However, no one will deny that machine translation has its place in the industry nowadays.

Thanks to the application of AI, neural networks and machine learning, we have left behind the times where machines used algorithms that simply substituted words from one language for words from another, resulting in poor and unnatural translations. Advances in machine translation have allowed it to decode of the message in the source language and then record its meaning in the target language. In order to do that, statistics and probabilities are used to determine the most likely combinations and meanings.


Neural Machine Translation — The Machine Revolution

However, the real qualitative leap in machine translation was achieved in 2014 with the incorporation of neural networks and deep learning. With modern neural machine translation (NMT), whole sentences are examined, not just words. Another advantage is that neural networks require only a fraction of the processing memory of the "old" statistical methods, so the results are not only better but also received faster.


How Can AI Powered Machine Translation Improve Your Company’s Internationalisation?

As we have seen, today's professional machine translation engines and tools have nothing to do with what was known years ago thanks to Google Translate. They offer increasingly higher quality and speed up the translation process.

However, as professionals in the sector concerned with quality and the success of our clients, we know that these neural machine translations are far from perfect, which is why we bring together the expertise of professional translators with cutting-edge translation tools in order to achieve optimum results, with significant economic advantages for the client.

The speed and quality offered by these tools today means that the human translator can spend his/her time polishing, perfecting and naturalising the final text in the target language. This is essential in many areas such as marketing, for example. Issues such as double meanings, puns, rhymes, and so on present in marketing translation, for example, undeniably need the human hand to come to fruition.


How Can AI Powered Translation Improve your Brand Communication?

It should be evident by now that no quality machine translation should be currently considered without the supervision of a professional and experienced human translator. By combining the human factor with a AI powered translation engine, we ensure that the machine translation improves with each word that is translated and edited. When the translator edits the automatically translated texts, he is telling the machine which suggestions are correct. In addition, the machine will take the texts that the translator has modified as references to "learn” from them.

In this way, when a brand decides to modify its communication strategy, thanks to artificial intelligence, the automatic translation engine will be able to learn from these changes thanks to the interaction and revision of the human translator, thus keeping consistency in future corporate texts. And this is just one example of the many advantages and applications that AI powered translation can offer.


SEO Translation — The Real Challenge for Machine Translations?

Our digital marketing and translation services include SEO translation. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the set of marketing strategies that manages to position a website among the first results of different search engines. To this end, many technical and content marketing tasks above all are carried out.

If we want to follow this strategy in a multilingual environment, or as part of a company's internationalisation strategy, surely it will be necessary to translate the content. Besides, given that the SEO strategy and the keywords of the target language and market do not necessarily correspond to those of the source, a text optimisation process will have to be carried out taking these respects into account.

If you have already read our article on marketing translation services, you’ll probably know that some of the keys to success are timing and getting your sales strategy across. That's why today, thanks to AI powered machine translation, your company's multilingual SEO can also benefit. Thanks to the high quality offered by these tools, the copywriter or SEO expert translator will be able to spend more time on the technical aspects of his/her task, without sacrificing on quality and a natural style.


AI Powered Machine Translation & SEO with Nóvalo Language Creatives

Although machine translation cannot yet compare, in terms of quality, with human translation, at Nóvalo we advise companies in order to offer them the service that best suits their needs, expectations, objectives and budget.

Whether you need to translate a website, corporate documentation or improve your multilingual SEO strategy, Nóvalo has an expert and qualified team at your disposal. Our professionals will be able to carry out the translation work in a comprehensive manner or resort to the assistance of AI powered machine translation always without compromising our commitment to quality. Shall we begin?




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