Did you know that business digitalization is the most effective process to strengthen the competitiveness of a company and optimize its operations and processes? 

At Nóvalo, we are aware of the role that digital transformation plays in the future of the Spanish business network. For this reason, we are proud to have obtained the certification of Digitalizing Company granted by Adigital, the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, a recognition that reinforces and attests our commitment to the creation of a digital and sustainable environment in Spain and Europe, while allowing companies to reach their full potential.

In this area, thanks to the Digital Decade Report 2023, published by the European Commission, aimed at measuring and evaluating the progress and evolution of each of the Member States of the European Union in terms of digitalization, we have learned that Spain remains at the forefront of the main European economies in terms of digitalization and connectivity. In fact, the study shows, among other figures, that Spanish SMEs sell online 10 points more than the European average. Very promising data for the national business network in which the synergies established between associations such as Adigital and digitalizing companies such as Nóvalo have been certainly fundamental.

Digital Marketplace: the bridge to business digitalization 

As part of this collaboration with Adigital, Nóvalo already has a profile on its online platform, Digital Marketplace. A free B2B marketplace designed to simplify the localization and contracting of certified digital suppliers that contribute to the increase of productivity and competitiveness of other companies. 

This Digital Marketplace acts as a bridge connecting businesses needing digital solutions with verified vendors like Nóvalo. From our profile on the platform, companies can have a complete view of who we are and what digital solutions we specialize in. In addition, we have included our corporate material and a contact form to facilitate communication with our team.  

Nóvalo helps global brands in their digital expansion into new markets 

For us, receiving the Digitalizing Company certification is a great opportunity to continue contributing to the development of global brands that seek to expand and gain presence in other international markets.

As partners of Adigital for more than ten years, this is another example of our commitment to the development of comprehensive quality solutions that meet digital needs. Thanks to this certification, we feel even more supported to continue helping our customers successfully reach the target markets they want to target. How do we achieve this?

On one hand, we have a multidisciplinary team, well-established and with extensive experience in diverse sectors such as marketing, translation, communication, and new technologies.

On the other hand, we specialize in providing a comprehensive, tailor-made, and exclusive service that combines innovation and creativity. We adapt our solutions to their work methodologies and support them in the development of their internationalization strategies so that companies speak the language of their customers, wherever they are.

We thank Adigital for counting on us as part of this network of companies that promote and boost the Spanish and European business market. This recognition rekindles and reinforces our commitment to continue working relentlessly to promote the transformation and digitalization of businesses. At Nóvalo, we are ready to support you in overcoming the hurdles of growing on a global scale in this new digital era. Are you willing to take your brand beyond your borders?