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Machine Translation

Machine translation can be combined with traditional translation systems in order to speed up the translation of content and reduce investment thanks to time savings, consistency of terminological references and the use of technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MT (Machine Translation) is a translation system based on the use of algorithms and the statistical or neuronal prediction of the elements to be translated. The basis of any machine translation system is computational linguistics, which is the interdisciplinary field that deals with the development of formalisms describing the functioning of natural language, so that they can be transformed into executable programs for a computer.

Perfect for high-volume content and technical or specialised sectors, our machine translation service applies technologies such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, which are complemented by the introduction of a relatively novel process in the translation sector: post-editing. In this process, a professional translator/proofreader, who is a native speaker of the target language, reviews and verifies, segment by segment, the translations provided by the various automatic translation engines in order to correct inaccuracies, polish the tone and, in other words, humanise and perfect the linguistic result. After this, all the changes introduced by the professional human hand are incorporated into the client's corpus of materials for later use in future translations, enabling the achieving of coherence across the content and bringing a considerable reduction in costs in the medium/long term.

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