On May 17, we again provided our simultaneous technical interpreting services in the booth at the event organised by TJ H2b Analytical Services, the largest group of analysis laboratories for the energy industry worldwide. The venue chosen to host the event was the ADIF building at the Technology Park of Andalusia in Malaga (PTA).

With more than 25 years of experience in this sector, this group has positioned itself as an undisputed leader in performing diagnostic tests of oil, gas, and other insulating materials used in high-voltage equipment. They currently make more than 150,000 samples a year.

Technical Interpreting for A Highly Specialized Event

Interpretación profesional durante el seminario de TJ H2b.
Image: The TJ H2b team during the seminar.

Given the nature of the seminar and the high degree of specialization of the topics covered, Nóvalo provided TJ H2b with a professional interpreter with experience in simultaneous technical interpreting in the booth, who made communication in English easy, fluent, and accurate, and who ensured that the event met the highest quality standards.

During the seminar, professionals from the TJ H2b team, such as Herman Vogel, Vice-president (VP) of Sales and Business, and David Jiménez de la Plata, Regional Operations Manager, analysed the importance of the “Interpretation and Diagnosis of Insulating Fluid Analysis” to prematurely detect faults that help reduce expenses and increase the lifespan of high-voltage equipment.

Nóvalo, Translation Agency Specialized in Technical Interpreting Services

Interpretación profesional durante la ponencia de Herman Vogel.
Image: Herman Vogel, VP of Sales and Business at TJ H2b, during his presentation.

TJ H2b once again trusted our specialized translation agency to manage technical interpreting during the event. Our colleague Alberto travelled to the ADIF headquarters on this occasion to make seamless communication possible between all seminar attendees.

At Nóvalo, we have 20 years of experience helping our clients interpret their international events. To this end, we have a large team of professional interpreters who are experts in using different language combinations of a very diverse nature. In addition, to ease the work and offer a complete service, Nóvalo also provides all the materials and equipment required to carry out the interpreting (booths, receivers, headphones, or any other specialised logistical devices).

Thank you, TJ H2b! It is an absolute pleasure that customers of your size and experience continue to rely on us for the simultaneous technical interpreting of their international events.