Adapting multimedia products to markets with another language not only involves translating them but also creating a product that meets the expectations of the target audience and culture.

Traducci贸n de videojuegos

Multimedia and video game translation projects always constitute a significant challenge. Factors such as street slang, specialised jargon, dialects and linguistic variants, self-created names and denominations, invented terminology, expressions and interjections, etc. 鈥 the world of video games and multimedia is plagued with linguistic challenges that test the linguistic ability of any professional. Inventiveness, creativity and ingenuity are fundamental requirements that the professional in charge of a translation of this type must have, in addition to a wide contemporary cultural background and a magnificent knowledge of the language at street level.

Traducci贸n multimedia

We encounter an endlessly diverse market with a short life span. This requires numerous qualities from professionals when it comes to translating these products. At N贸valo we can count on a large number of professionals with differing backgrounds to carry out this kind of project successfully.