This Finnish video game company is founder of the Habbo Hotel social network and online community, created in 2000.


The well-known video game company needed a comprehensive virtual community communication solution in 11 languages: English > Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Their main concern was to achieve an agile work team, able to meet the demanding needs of the video game’s periodic publications. In addition, they required a dynamic and creative translation team that could transmit the philosophy of the community to other markets and speak the language of the player community.


In order to meet the client’s needs and prioritise delivery times, N贸valo has set up a translation and proofreading team for the 11 languages required by the client, as well as a dedicated linguistic coordinator and global project manager, who together keep meticulous control of the processes and pursue constant improvements in working methods. As the collaboration progresses, N贸valo is able to identify the client’s needs more clearly and is building in customised solutions, such as an online management solution.