Recently we carried out a very important translation project for one of our regular customers, Ceregumil, a renowned company based in Malaga. This time they requested the translation and localisation of their corporate website. As a translation company based in Malaga, we are always eager to provide our services to other local businesses and companies during their internationalisation process.

Recently we provided our interpreting services on the occasion of a US trade delegation visit to the Ceregumil facilities. For the translation of the company’s website, our team organised a series of meetings in which a double- consultancy service, technical and linguistic, was provided.

In Novalo, we consider each project is unique, and thus it requires exclusive solutions to meet its specific needs. Taking into account the technical requirements of a website translation and localisation project, our IT staff worked closely with the company’s representatives and the website maintenance team, in order to extract and prepare the website content for the linguistic process. Additionally, Ceregumil provides an online shop, so our technical team focused on delivering the best solution for the future multilingual environment for both the web and the online shop.

Besides our IT staff, who was responsible for the ultimate upload and publication of the website, our team of translators and proofreaders –expert in the health, well-being and pharmaceutical areas– was involved in the localisation and translation process of the website in order to assure the perfect cultural adaptation and the linguistic quality this industry demands. During this linguistic step, attention to detail was essential, and core questions were taken into account, including the language variety, and also more subtle ones aimed at portraying the company’s tone and personality, as the website will be their visiting card to the world.

Localisation of the website of Ceregumil by Nóvalo

Although this company has been operating for almost a century, it is currently developing its business expansion and consolidating its international presence in a range of European, American and Asian countries. For this reason, our partnership with Ceregumil spans for five years now, during which a wide range of materials were translated, including contracts and sworn translations, product sheets, dossiers or merchandising documents for the different markets in which this company makes business. In other words, the localisation and translation of their website was nothing but the next step for this promising project.

Our translation company provides a wide variety of linguistic services to national and international companies and organizations. With more than 13 years of expertise and thanks to our ample team of professional translators, we always deliver the highest quality service, allowing our customers’ messages, ideas and products reach the global market.