Certus Legal Firm is a law firm providing tax, legal and digital consulting services to companies and individuals. Something remarkable of this Malaga-based firm is its specialization in consulting services for digital businesses in the areas of cybersecurity, data protection, blockchain or intellectual property, among others. Besides, Certus enjoys a wide expertise on international environments, supporting foreign companies to successfully deploy their business model in the Spanish market.


In an increasingly digitalized environment such as the legal one, Certus had to set and develop an international digital marketing strategy aimed at helping them to position themselves and be competitive in foreign markets and enabling them a continuous growing domestically. Such a strategy had to be focused on reaching a heterogeneous audience, since Certus offers consulting services to start-ups, companies of different industries and individuals. This new challenge required not only strategic efforts, but also the power to convey its value proposal and the ability to get their message across other cultures.


In order to address the needs of the law firm, Nóvalo provided Certus with its know-how in offering digital marketing solutions to international markets. Upon evaluating their current situation, Nóvalo designed a comprehensive digital marketing plan to be applied in two stages. First of all, it was the turn of rebranding the firm and developing a new website, in addition of creating and translating their content. For an optimal positioning of their new website in the target countries, Nóvalo launched an international SEO campaign that, combined with its mastery of copywriting in different languages, led to a fully localized website. In other words, a website seamlessly tailored to the international audiences. Once this stage was completed, it was undertaken a comprehensive international digital marketing strategy (including SEO maintenance, SEM campaigns or the optimization of social networks, among other services) with a strong creative approach from the team.

Furthermore, in order to carry out this 360° online marketing plan°, Certus relied at all times on the advice of a team of professionals specialized in different areas, something key to its successful internationalization.

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