Airzone is a company focusing on research, development, manufacture and marketing of energy-related products and services since 1997. Airzone is present in more than 10 countries worldwide and they have a workforce of more than 240 employees.

Thanks to their more than 20 years of experience and global projection, they have carried out all kinds of installations around the world and have received several international awards in recognition of their dedication to innovation and the creation of new technologies.


Due to its international reach, Airzone needed a specialised multilingual translation service that could assist them in the creation and dissemination of their website and technical content (manuals, installation guides, material for installation technicians, etc.) to the different languages of the markets where they have implemented their products (10 languages & 10 countries). Since they don’t have a specialised department covering this need with in their company, Airzone also required help with the management and organisation of this content. Due to dizzying growth in recent years, their needs for application, software and product translation and localization have increased drastically. In addition, they needed multilingual audiovisual content for advertising purposes that also required external management, organisation and production. The main challenge, therefore, was to ensure that all content (manuals, software, apps, guides, tutorials, websites, landings, internal platforms, etc.) was consistent, so that the brand image was transmitted seamlessly in all markets, and the user experience was optimal and of the highest quality for all targets.


Fundamentally, the integration of our processes into their workflow and the use of our translation technologies allowed the client to launch their products simultaneously and optimally in 10 different markets. This also allows them to have an organised body of glossaries and terminology databases, apps and software options, and style guides that define the rules for writing their content, etc. This material enables them to achieve coherence across all their products and maximum agility when launching them on existing markets, as well as when publishing new websites, landings and platforms, and voicing and subtitling videos and tutorials for the training of technicians in international markets in record time and in a consistent manner. In the case of new markets, the implementation of an effective system of this type allows Airzone to reduce translation times to a minimum and quickly and effectively introduce products localised and adapted to new languages.