Have you ever wondered who the creative minds that bring a company’s projects to life are? What inspires and motivates them in their daily lives? In this space, we invite you to discover the talent that drives every aspect of Nóvalo. From technical experts to linguists, we explore the unique stories, passions, and perspectives of our family members. Join us to discover the voices at the other side of the screen. 

If you have ever collaborated with us, you may be familiar with their names. This month, we’ll meet Daniel Ángel Rey, Director of Engineering and IT Accounts at Nóvalo, who has been with us for 14 years (easier said than done). 

To start with this interview with members of the Nóvalo team, tell us in a few words how you would define yourself.

Well, depending on who you ask —my twin brother or me—I am the second or the youngest of three siblings. I grew up in Malaga, in one of its traditional neighbourhoods, together with my brothers, my parents and my aunt. I moved to Vélez-Málaga 10 years ago, where I live with my wife and my 6-year-old son.  

Let’s move from Malaga to another place in the world. If you could pick any destination, which one would you choose for your trips? Are there any countries other than Spain that you identify with? 

I know that it sounds cliché and that it is very fashionable now. Still, I have wanted to visit Japan for a long time, and my wife and son have done so, too, so it is a trip that we have in mind and will surely make. 

I identify with practically the entire Mediterranean strip, from Portugal to Greece, both for the culture, folklore, cuisine, etc. It does not feel just like home, but almost. 

Because of your profession and training, you are used to speaking other languages, but there must be one that you opt for. Please tell us which language you like best of all the languages you speak and why. 

French, no doubt; I have always said that it is a very gratifying language. Once you begin to understand what you listen to and you can make yourself understood, it is very enriching. I love the sound of that language, as I also love Italian, which I have wanted to learn for a long time. 

Well, now that you’re referring to what other languages sound like, some of them may even be musical, don’t you think? What is your favourite style of music or music band? 

Like many people, the music I like to listen to depends on the day, my mood when I get up, or how I feel at a specific moment. Then, I would want one type of music or another. In terms of gender, I think the Spanish indie would win: Supersubmarina, Izal, Vetusta Morla, Amaral, Zahara… and I should stop there. I also love Héroes del Silencio, Búnbury —from a few years ago—, Iván Ferreiro, Estopa, Los Delinqüentes, Sôber, Evanescence or Linkin Park. Yes, I am a bit old.  

The Nóvalo team has a hearty appetite, and we know it. So, a question about gastronomy is mandatory. What is your favourite food? And what food you don’t like at all? 

My mother’s stew, no doubt. Also, I love anything that tastes Italian or is a little spicy.  

If you want to know something I don’t like… Who does like boiled vegetables? 

Finally, we would like to know more about your hobbies. What do you usually do to disconnect from work? 

I train, I go to the park with my kid, and I eat out with my family. I like watching series and movies, playing video games, reading, etc. I also follow the Málaga football team. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Now, imagine that you could have a conversation with a celebrity while having a cup of coffee. Who would it be, and what would you like to ask that person? 

I am a Malaga football club follower. To remember better times, I would talk to the manager Manuel Pellegrini, known as “El Ingeniero“, and ask him how he experienced the Champions League era 11 years ago. 

Interesting! Well, you sure know that he is now in Seville training the Betis team, so it is not far away. You can invite him for a coffee and chat.  

Now that we know you a little more, we would also like to ask you questions related to your career at Nóvalo.  

What is your role at Nóvalo, and what type of tasks do you usually do on a daily basis? 

My current role is Director of Engineering and IT Accounts. I usually organise all kinds of tasks related to translation and the preparation of files and budgets for our client’s orders.  

In the work environment at Nóvalo, what would you highlight? 

It has always been an environment of mutual help and constant communication.  

You mention constant communication as a positive thing among all team members. Tell us, what other advantages do you find at Nóvalo’s organisational culture?  

We each have a relatively straightforward role, and we know who to turn to at all times so that everything flows. 

What challenges do you often face in your role, and how do you handle them?  

Some challenges are organising translation tasks with large volumes of words to be analysed, assigning translators and linguists, drawing up a calendar, controlling deliveries, etc. Another challenge is translating web pages, which involves hand-in-hand work by the linguistic team and the technical team, and that’s where I come in. 

Do you remember any memorable projects or achievements in Nóvalo? If so, please tell us why. 

The most recent memory is the translation of brochures and the website for our client Hiansa, as well as all the work we did to maintain coherence and ensure that the website was fully localised. I also have good memories of everything related to video games. 

Our work is closely linked to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. What technologies (tools, apps, etc.) adopted at Nóvalo make your daily work easier? 

These would be the sector’s QA tools and also project and resource management tools. Now, LLMs and generative AIs have entered the game, and in some cases, they can offer dynamic solutions. 

What is the most unusual place where you have found inspiration for a project at Nóvalo? 

Good question, but I’m afraid I don’t have any such place. Sometimes, I needed to organise a project or think about the answer to a client, and when I walked around the house, I got inspired. 

On many occasions, inspiration comes in the most unexpected places and moments. You must have discovered some unique talent or skill in a colleague from Nóvalo. Can you tell us one? 

Alejandro Morales, account manager and marketing partner, likes Italian food and knows how to cook it. I’m always around people like Alejandro. 

To finish this interview, tell us about a special moment you’ve lived at Nóvalo and would like to remember.

Team building activities are a lot of fun and are always full of anecdotes and good times. For example, at the last escape room we all participated in at Christmas, we played in teams and competed with each other. We couldn’t stop laughing!

Thanks for taking the time to let us learn more about you, Dani. From now on, each month, we will get to know a new member of the Nóvalo team better. Who will it be next time?