Are you looking for a quality translation service? Have you invested time and effort in creating your latest marketing campaign or writing relevant web content? Now, you would like to take your brand, your message and your products to other markets and you are not sure if all this previous work will be effective in your international plan and the localization of your content.

At N贸valo Language Creatives we have been working for more than 15 years to make your internationalisation strategy a success. Our experience in the specialized translation and marketing sectors provides us with a unique vision. Besides, we have a team of marketing specialists and professional translators who will help bring your message to the target audience, as planned.

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Thanks to our team of experts and years of experience, we have developed a methodology that ensures collaboration with our customers will be a success. Do you want to know how to get your next collaboration with N贸valo to take your brand around the world? Here we leave you the 8 keys that, by experience, will ensure quality translation results.

1. Provide Brand Guides and Examples of Previous Projects

What starts well, ends well. If you provide examples of previous translation jobs that you have been particularly satisfied with (or dissatisfied with), our team of professional translators will better understand what type of final product you want to achieve and what you want to avoid at all costs. In addition, these examples help establish a translation quality control process specific to your project, with controls over your brand-specific terminology, for example.

If this is your first translation project, you can provide examples of other companies (or even your competition) in the target language.

On the other hand, when providing information about their brand and objectives, translators will be able to fine-tune the tone and style in the target language. The more detailed information you provide, the greater the likelihood that your brand message will reach the target language as you wish.

2. Facilitate Communication Between Translators and the Quality Department

We need to get over the 鈥渨e have to talk鈥 taboo. At N贸valo Language Creatives we take care of the linguistic process, revision and final quality control of the translated text. However, on certain occasions, you or your team need to give final approval. Facilitating communication between our team of linguists and your quality assurance team will promote a faster problem-solving process. This way you can achieve a quality translation, accurate and consistent.

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3. Establish a Contact for Your Projects

One to rule them all鈥 and bring their project out of the darkness. Following the previous tip, besides putting all the parties involved in contact, if all this correspondence and communications are centralized, it will be easier to solve doubts and problems. At N贸valo Language Creatives, we will assign you a project manager through whom you can channel all doubts and queries. This, in turn, will contact you or your quality team (if you wish) to solve any need from the translation experts.

4. Working with Professional Translators in Their Target Language

Because the friend of a cousin who lived in Berlin is overrated. Since we are a specialized translation agency based in Spain, you might think that our range of action is limited to Spain and South America. However, ours is an international team of translators, so we can ensure that your projects involve professional translators and proofreaders that are native speakers of your target market. Having local reviewers helps detect potential weaknesses and polish any linguistic or cultural nuances. In short, to naturalize the text as content originally written in the target language. And yes, those friends we were talking about, they’re the real false friends.

5. Working with the Highest Quality and Most Up-to-Date Documentation Possible

Don’t offer your international customers what you wouldn鈥檛 want for yourself. In professional translation projects, working with up-to-date documents that meet your quality standards is crucial to the final quality. The translation team, no matter how familiar it is with your brand or your projects, cannot magically “improve” the text. For this reason, you must provide our linguists with the most up-to-date documentation possible and with the certainty that it complies with your internal quality standards for the original language. These checks are not limited to mere information: the original text to be translated must be as well written as possible in all applicable linguistic aspects, from spelling, through punctuation, structure, tone, style, etc.

6. Facilitate Access to the Context

Is two a lot? It depends on the context: 2 dollars, no; 2 bitcoins, yes. To be able to transmit every nuance of your text in the language of the target market, it is essential to be able to know the context. Allowing the linguistic team access to the context can make the difference between a quality translation and a fiasco. This aspect is particularly relevant in the translation of software, applications and websites.

7. Establish Reasonable Deadlines

Translation agencies would like to master the laws of space-time as much, or more, than any theoretical physicist, but we鈥檙e still working out how to go back in time… We know that your project and your internationalisation strategy is important for the advancement of your company’s activity. However, even though our professional translators are used to meet demanding deadlines, an unrealistic one can go against quality. If neither the translation team nor the quality control team has the necessary time to carry out their work with guarantees, your brand may be harmed as a result. Take our advice and agree on a delivery date that will benefit your project.


8. Establish Long-Lasting Relationships

Because we can be that perfect match. If you put all these tips into practice, as we do with all our clients, you will see how this investment in time and effort to create a quality translation process will be rewarded. All this also serves to establish a solid foundation for long-term multilingual collaboration. Is it worth investing all this time in the preparation of documentation, feedback, contact between teams, etc.? It is. Is it worth doing with every project that comes up? No, it isn鈥檛. Continue to invest in developing a lasting partnership with a specialized translation agency and avoid wasting time 鈥渢esting鈥 new providers every time.

Quality Translation: A Fundamental Pillar in the Success of N贸valo Language Creatives

As you may have seen, our 8 keys to a quality translation service could be summed up in a single idea: communication. At N贸valo, we take pride in establishing excellent relationships with our long-term customers and partners thanks to an outstanding communication strategy.

From the preliminary phases of the project to the communication of customer feedback to the translation and internal quality control team, all the parties involved in each project are kept up to date and can update and recycle their knowledge about each customer. We could not stress enough how fundamental this internal communication strategy is for the success of our clients.

So, if you are looking for a specialized translation agency that takes care of the quality of the translation and that is committed to the vision of your brand, contact us and find out how we can bring your ideas, products and services to the international market successfully.