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NOTICIA | 03.02.2015

Special offer for companies in the Madrid International Lab

Dear LABers:

We at Nóvalo eLinguistic Services, a company that specialises in multilingual digital communication and marketing, would like to help you with your internationalisation and communication strategies, not just in Spanish, but in many other languages.

We provide valuable support to companies in their efforts to increase their international profile (or domestic profile, if they are companies looking for a gap in our country) because, as you know, being successful in the competitive world of business is not always easy.

For this reason, just for being a fellow company in the LAB, we offer you an up to 30 minutes free consultation, so that we can analyse your plan and see how we could help you. We will also offer you up to a 35% discount on our normal prices.

We can meet all of your needs for translation, web adaptation, transcreation, social networks in foreign languages, multilingual SEO and much more.

Take a look at our website at /

Then, all you have to do is email us at and we will arrange to meet up for a coffee and analyse your needs.

You have until the 28th of February.

See you soon!




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