We are glad to share with you the new office that Nóvalo has recently chosen in Madrid. This new location is the Madrid International Lab, placed right in the heart of Madrid, at Bailén Street, next to the La Latina subway station.


This suitable entrepreneurial ecosystem welcomes international, digital and technological projects in nature, so it constitutes the perfect choice for the future expansion and business plans of our company, Nóvalo. Among them, a challenging software development project that will be presented soon, of which we feel specially proud of. In the following weeks you will have more details.

Our company profile has been positively and warmly welcomed by the Madrid International Lab thanks to the significant international features defining our main line of business. Besides, the company future strategic and expansion plans, among them this promising project we already mentioned, perfectly suit this environment, and they will find the projection and momentum needed in such times of business growing. It is thus encouraging having the possibility of establishing relationships with other interesting new or in-progress business projects, all of them aimed at crossing borders and expand globally.

The Madrid International Lab is an idea of Madrid Emprende. Knowing that companies have the possibility of interconnect and expand with institutional support is very motivating in current hard economic times.