A few weeks ago, Nóvalo was officially incorporated to the Málaga Innovative Businesses Euronova Club. The aim of this group is promoting innovation through the celebration of business meetings in the PTA, the Andalusian Technology Business Park, where many of the attending companies have their headquarters. Furthermore, the Club intends to promote cooperation among the several members, as well as foster innovation within the different industries, both in the local and national markets. The club was founded in Sept 15th 2009 and integrates more than 35 affiliated companies at the moment, being Nóvalo one of them. The main promoter of this initiative is BIC Euronova, a company founded in 1991 with the aid of public and private capital, and backed by the European Communities Commission, whose aim is supporting the creation of SMEs which stand out due to their innovative and technological profile, as well as promoting and encouraging activities relating to innovation in such SMEs and also in Public Entities.

Our colleague and CEO Carlos Bolívar (center), together with Álvaro Simón de Blas (left), BIC Euronova CEO, and Rodolfo Tiessler (right), Brantor Executive Partner, in one of the monthly club meetings.

We are looking forward to contribute with our vision and perspective, apart from cooperating with the rest of the members in order to encourage the relationships among all the companies in the Club and promoting and supporting innovation (language innovation, in our case) as a part of it.