Once we have come back to Spain after this three weeks’ stay in USA, now it is time to collect all the information we absorbed and to evaluate all the progress and all we learned in this business mission we mentioned in the previous post.

This has been an intense and fruitful period, in which we had the opportunity to know the know-how of several Silicon Valley companies, to make interviews with experts in many different areas and to set solid business relationships with future prospects.

Furthermore, we participated in conferences, papers, talks and networking events addressed to companies in an internationalization phase, from USA and other foreign countries, which undoubtedly constituted a vital starting point when preparing any entrance in the North American market.

Apart from the mentioned entrance, Nóvalo had the chance to share this experience with other 19 Spanish companies who also participated in the mission, all of them belonging to the IT area too. This joint experience let us draw more accurate conclusions, potentiate ourselves reciprocally and make the most of the visit itself.

We hope to share with you, in future posts, the results we will be obtaining bit by bit, in the shape of new tangible opportunities for all the team in Nóvalo.