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NOTICIA | 01.01.2009

New Nóvalo Training Centre

The new Nóvalo Training Centre in Marbella will be inaugurated in June.

This new training centre specializing in translation and technology will provide specialized workshops and courses on technology applied to translation. Our courses are aimed at students and professionals involved in the field of languages wishing to attain the level of training required by today’s localization market and globalization.

We will be offering courses on the industry’s most advanced computer-assisted tools like SDL TRADOS or DÉJÀ VU. Our specialized classroom is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, where students will be able to acquire the knowledge and hands-on skills required to successfully compete in the global market through the time and cost savings provided by these tools designed to help language professionals do their job.

Our centre is located in Marbella – a unique city where different tourist communities speaking different languages and having different cultures come together – and aims to meet the need for specialized courses geared toward professionals wishing to go that one step further in their work. In addition, our strategic geographical location serves to link important population centers in Andalusia, thereby allowing us to offer equal opportunities to a wide group within the community of translators and interpreters.




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