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Assisted Translation

Assisted translation tools allow us to streamline translation processes and monitor the quality control and terminological consistency of an account or project so that the result is optimal.

CAT (or computer-assisted translation) tools are a great ally when dealing with translation work. This type of tool allows us to establish a series of guarantees when carrying out a linguistic project, such as the maintenance of terminological coherence or the creation of a translation memory or database where the client's linguistic material is collected from the beginning and all the translations carried out. This means it is always possible to maintain consistency with the previous material or the linguistic references provided by the client.

Thanks to the use of this and other similar tools, it is possible to carry out numerous complementary tasks that contribute to achieving optimum quality in a translation project, such as the extraction and preparation of client-specific glossaries and terminological bases by specialisation, subject matter or areas of knowledge or compilations of translated content for archiving or consultation purposes.

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