Aertec Solutions is an international engineering and consulting firm specialising in aeronautics. Founded in 1997, it carries out its activity in the aeronautical sector, airports and aerospace and defence systems.


The client was looking for a language service provider who was aware of the specific needs of the sector and the field in question, as this is a highly specialised and technical area. The provider needed to be capable of handling large volumes and managing content in several languages at the same time. In addition, the company was looking for a provider specialised in marketing content, since a large part of the updated content on the web that was to be translated was principally focused on publicising the company.


At Nóvalo, we created a team of specialised technical translators and proofreaders who are familiar with the terminology and contents of the sector, in order to maintain a regular and exact flow of translated content in each working language, with the guarantee of being completely familiar with the sector and the target market. In addition, a large amount of dynamic content has been translated from the blog for advertising and marketing purposes.