Recently, our translation agency Nóvalo expanded its portfolio of services including a new field of expertise: SEO and Multilingual Digital Marketing. Thanks to our broad experience in the translation industry, at Nóvalo we know that communication is a comprehensive process that brings together many different factors. So our main target is being able to offer our clients a final product including the complete digital communication chain: Web Design and Copywriting, Translation (or Transcreation) and, finally, SEO & Digital Marketing Strategies.

Carlos Bolívar en la apertura de Málaga Premium Hotel

Photo on the left: [from left to right] Ana García, Alcazaba Premium Hostel Manager, Carlos Bolívar, Nóvalo Founding Partner & CEO, Estefanía Muñoz, Malaga Premium Hotel Manager. Photo on the right: Jose Manuel Montalvo, one of the founding partners of the Premium family with Carlos Bolívar, our CEO.

As a part of this new area of work, we would like to make a special mention of the Premium Hotels local case study.

It has been several years now that this customer trusts Nóvalo for its general communication services. Recently, this customer wanted to expand its general digital marketing strategies and to apply SEO to its contents with our help. In other words, we became their global partner and helped them with the launching of two of their hotels: Alcazaba Premium Hostel & Malaga Premium Hotel.

The full communication process was launched from scratch and working side by side with the customer. Following a stage implementation, we carried out several tasks related to advising and supporting the technical web team, developing the SEO & digital marketing plan into several languages, copywriting and different creative activities, translating the website into multiple languages and loading the website contents. In addition, on a regular basis, we carry out tasks related to multilingual content marketing, consultancy on social media strategies and SEM plans. Not to mention our regular meetings with the customer for consultancy, decision making, statistics tracking and KPI analysis purposes, to update the marketing plan according to the results accordingly.

It has been two years since Alcazaba Premium Hostel opened its doors and barely a month since the Malaga Premium Hotel opening. At Nóvalo we are happy to assess our clients along this entrepreneurship path and to contribute in their success by doing our part.