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Translation + SEO of web pages with TransConnector

For the translation of your website, N贸valo offers you its years of experience in the translation of web content combined with the most innovative technological solution on the market:聽TransConnector.

Thanks to a simple installation of a plugin on your website, we will be able to obtain all the contents or texts you wish to translate. And not just translate, as we can also use TransConnector to apply an SEO strategy to your content.聽And best of all: the content will be translated and optimised for SEO to your site automatically without any intervention from the client, without any alteration to the code of your page and without having to worry about what is new, what is updated or what requires translation or optimisation.

Features of TransConnector

The automation process allows TransConnector to quickly and reliably extract content from the website. Thanks to TransConnector's advanced technology, no IT or language skills are required. TransConnector transforms content for editing and thus optimises time and translation costs.

It also has other advantages, such as:

  • There is no need to manually select the content to be extracted.

  • No special web access management is required, only the first time when installing TransConnector.

  • It avoids errors in the export and import of content.

  • It is not necessary to send Word or any other type of files.

  • The format of the page is not altered.

  • Content is optimised through SEO.

  • Visible results in Google Analytics.

  • Industry standard localisation file format (XLIFF and XML).

TransConnector is the definitive solution for managing the content of your website, as it allows you to automate a large part of the process of translation and SEO of your content into multiple languages without modifying the web format, without customer intervention and with maximum precision.

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