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NOTICIA | 12.06.2013

Nóvalo in Spanish Channel Antena 3 Televisión

During the last weekend, the Spanish channel Antena 3 Televisión picked up the story about the help provided by the Spain Tech Center, an initiative promoted by Fundación Banesto, ICEX and, to Spanish companies with a tech base that intend to find venture capital or new clients in the North American market, specifically at Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco area.

Nóvalo was one of the companies selected to present their technological proposal to the Valley, where some of the most important businesses of the world are located. Nóvalo, in particular, shows its commitment with new technologies applied to translation, with the idea of helping companies reach foreign markets with the appropriate linguistic and cultural strategy, but working within a comprehensive translation management platform in the cloud, that will include many innovative and interesting features allowing their current and potential customers achieve important savings in terms of costs and resources

The experience has been tremendously positive, and the journey has only just begun.




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