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The company

The companyOur team of experts will help you overcome language and cultural barriers so you can break into other markets and successfully undertake your internationalization process.

An innovative outlook and a spirit of ongoing collaboration make Nóvalo your ideal strategic partner.

Corporate Dossier

About us

We are a linguistic services company which offers a broad range of multilingual translation and interpreting services to Spanish and foreign companies and organizations.
We use developed infrastructures comprised of cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary professionals to ensure customers from diverse industries and markets can communicate with their target audiences efficiently.
Backed by years of experience in managing projects for the international market and an extensive presence in the local market, we are able to offer the solutions, value and knowledge that will allow you to reach your goals in a competitive manner.


We view ourselves as a linguistic services company in which technology plays a leading role. Our service offering combines factors which we feel are the key to success, such as quality, speed and specialization in the most innovative technology. We use computer-assisted translation tools and other tools to automate our work processes in order to obtain maximum efficiency. The human factor, however, is always present because it constitutes an essential element to achieve just the right kind of linguistic and cultural adaptation to each target market. We define ourselves as “automated and human”.

Our brand

“Each time that he tried to relamate the hairincops, he became entangled in a whining grimate and had to face up to envulsioning the Nóvalo, feeling how little by little the arnees would spejune, becoming peltronated, redoblated, until they were stretched out like the ergomanine trimalciate which drops a few filures of cariaconce.”
Julio Cortázar
Chapter 68, Hopscotch.

A chapter in gíglico, a language invented by Julio Cortázar which shows how ideas can be interconnected with each other without the need to understand most of the words. “Nóvalo” is a word invented by Julio Cortázar, the great Argentinean writer and translator who we admire very much. Beyond its meaning, our brand evokes the essence of translation as an activity, transmitting ideas rather than just the “tags” which words can become. If we transfer this reality to the company, it represents the efficiency of a translator’s work, in other words perfectly conveying both ideas and words.

Work environment

Our projects are carried out in a collaborative work environment, allowing us to understand the overall needs of each specific order. In addition, we apply work systems and project management methodologies that enable us to speed up tasks and obtain optimal results as quickly as possible. Technology plays an essential role in each step of our processes.


Combining quality models (such as the model recommended by LISA or the European EN-15038 translation services quality standard) with in-house procedures developed over years of work allow us to assure quality levels across all stages of our work process. Specialized professionals deal with each stage of our projects and our database of collaborators is comprised of professionals who always translate into their own language within a specific subject area. Furthermore, our corporate philosophy includes training seminars to constantly recycle our staff members.


Our work methodology is based on ensuring a robust process is achieved right from the very start of a project to its final delivery. We start off with a needs analysis on the customer to draw up the ideal proposal. After it is approved, a project manager is assigned to supervise the entire process, coordinate all participants and ensure the best results are achieved as quickly as possible. Our online management platform and in-house technology make it possible to oversee the entire process from beginning to end and ensure it is being carried out properly.

Human Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced experts totally committed to their work in translation, communications and information technologies.

Valentín Barrantes

Co-founder – CGS, Chief Global Strategist
Postgraduate Coordinator and Lecturer at Complutense University of Madrid (UIML&T)

“They achieved it because they didn’t know it was impossible”.

(Jean Cocteau)
Proud to be one of the architects of this (vital) business venture. A tireless shaper of ideas and optimist by nature, his mind is constantly evolving. Always on the lookout for new challenges, his everyday approach is very demanding, but also tactful, never forgetting that virtue lies in the middle ground. A writer by vocation, he values the art of good writing above many other things.

Sandra Lara

Co-founder – Vendor Manager & COO

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

She is the third member of Nóvalo’s founding triumvirate. Creative and a multi-tasker, she has a special skill for managing heavy workloads under pressure. She knows the ins and outs of the trade and above all values a job well done, giving the right answer at the right time and finding a good balance for everything. She thinks that the internet is humankind’s greatest invention, and she always says she wouldn’t be able to live without it.

Carlos Bolívar

Co-founder – CEO & National Expansion Manager

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
In addition to being one of the creators of Nóvalo, he is also the heart of its finances. However, his real passion lies in the arts. Creative and a creator, but also meticulous and a perfectionist, he always seeks attention to detail. Thanks to his experience in marketing and advertising, and his passion for new technologies, Nóvalo always has its eye on the ball and he never misses a thing. Innovation and business are his daily activities, and Nóvalo is his personal ideas lab.

Cristina Plaza

Production Manager – Lecturer, Degree in Translation and Interpreting at University of Malaga

“There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: will”.

(A. Einstein)
A dynamic mind, she loves big challenges. As a Project manager she is versatile and a perfectionist, she always provides solutions with her own peculiar calm and optimistic outlook. She likes everything to be in order; as soon as your back is turned she will start organizing everything in sight.


Antonio Montañez

International Accounts Manager

“Ideas do not last long. We must do something with them”.

(Santiago Ramón y Cajal)
Versatile and attentive to detail, hard-working with outstanding organizational skills. He loves new technologies. He’s dynamic, always on the move and multi-tasking. He strives to square the circle when required. All with a vital injection of humor.

Jean-Marc Duchi


“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”.

(Nelson Mandela)
TransConnector SA founder, Novalo’s partner and consultant, his expertise has been mainly in business process analysis and systems integration for more than 30 years. What transcends any realization is the touch of art and creativity that everyone can bring to it. Creator and innovator of solutions with strong added values accessible to all.


Daniel Ángel

Project Manager – Senior

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”.

(George Smith)
Dynamic and tenacious. His ability to continually adapt and learn is the hallmark of this professional who sets himself countless challenges, which he doesn’t hesitate to meet using his expertise and experience to obtain the highest quality. A real method translator who’s proud of his work.

Susana Domínguez

Project Manager – Senior

“The future has many names. For the weak it means unattainable. For the fearful it means the unknown. For the courageous it means opportunity”.

(Victor Hugo)
Passionate with an entrepreneurial spirit. Well-organized and meticulous in her work. The perfect blend of experience, creativity and perfectionism. Her indelible smile creates really positive energy. A brilliant mind fit to meet any challenge.

Mónica Vega

Project Manager – Senior

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”.

(Lao Tse)
She loves changes and the challenges they present, facing each new day with a fighting spirit and eagerness to gain further knowledge. She always strives for perfection, without forgetting the human element behind each translated segment. She values teamwork and pays painstaking attention to detail.

Emilio Lara

IT Manager & Digital Marketing Manager

“There can be no victory without sacrifice: you cannot gain anything in life without sacrificing something in return”.

(Edward Elric)
A systems technician who loves technology, he’s a young IT engineer who can’t get enough of the world of multimedia. Continually working with computers, every day he strives to learn as much as possible, setting himself new challenges and demanding more of himself. There’s no computer problem that he can’t fix.

Lorena Lara

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

“The secret to personal motivation can be summed up by the four “C’s”: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage and Constancy”.

(Walter Elias Disney)
Decisive and capable, her work links all of the departments together. Every problem has a solution. Her figures better tally or there will be hell to pay. Give her an Excel file and she’ll move the world.


Vanessa García

Translator and Editor

“Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking”.

(Antonio Machado)
She’s a natural when it comes to getting on with her daily work routine which, far from being a chore, really drives her on. She finds time from nowhere and the less time she has the more she has to spare. Tight deadlines don’t intimidate her; she treats them as pressing challenges. Always eager to improve and help others to improve. She puts all of her energy and enthusiasm into each project.

Natalia Sebastián

Translator and Editor – Senior

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.

(Marcel Proust)
With her motto «Every text can be improved», for each translation she offers a genuine approach which is faithful to the author. She’s methodical, a perfectionist and has great team spirit, always willing to throw herself into any translation challenge that comes her way.

Miguel Ángel Verdugo

Business Manager

I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance“.

(Steve Jobs)
Enthusiastic, extrovert, dynamic, perseverant, devotee of adventures & new experiences. Vocational IT guy, technology, sales and people enthusiast.

Lorena Ramírez

Junior Project Manager
Lecturer, Degree in Translation and Interpreting at University of Malaga

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”.

(Benjamin Franklin)
Versatile and dynamic, she takes any challenge on with enthusiasm. Creative and cheerful, she enjoys a solitary work in good company. Perfectionist and tenacious, she strongly fights against anything that resists her; challenges pursue her, or is it just the opposite?

María Meléndez

Junior Project Manager

“And his own self-murderer Is the man whom knowledge injures”.

(Calderón de la Barca)
Self demanding and constant. Humanist passionate about science and technology. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn plunges her into endless challenges. She enjoys teamwork and the delirium of each day. He survives without coffee, but music and humour are completely necessary. The mess hasn’t won the battle yet.

Alejandro Morales

Junior Project Manager

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives”.

(Albert Einstein)
Big boy, for what he still has to learn and his attitude toward this challenge. He faces every task with the passion it deserves and with the intention of learning from the result. Travelling and photography are his passions. When he is not travelling, he will be thinking about his next destination.

Laura Rueda

Social Media Manager

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”.

(Jane Goodall)
Her passion is communication. The two things she likes best in the world are telling stories and connecting the audience with her customer’s fascinating projects. Restless and perfectionist, she puts the emphasis on creativity, innovation and proactivity as the main tools in her day-to-day.

Cristina Ponte

Head of Quality Control

“No question is ever settled until it is settled right”.

(Ella W. Wilcox)
She checks, analyses, dissects, corrects and sews up medical translations. Our very own translation surgeon, afflicted with acute perfectionism, she never discharges any text until it’s in excellent health. All she’s missing is the white gown.

Nereida Sologuren

Junior Translator

“I know nearly nothing that is common sense. Every single thing that is said to be common sense is the result of someone’s effort and struggle to achieve it”.

(Amelia Valcárcel)
Meticulous with words and addicted to playing with them, she values thoughtful work and tries to find something new to learn from every routine task. Her tenacity means she is always ready to seek a solution to the challenges that present themselves. She devours books and occasionally writes. She loves filling her vast inner world with experiences that will bring value to her personal and professional path.

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What our customers think about us

What some of our customers think about us…


We have been working with Nóvalo for over 10 years, with a portfolio of over 10 languages. The texts for our product, Habbo, are quite difficult to localize, as we combine videogames with social networks and the product is aimed at a young people. We must admit that right from the start Nóvalo adapted very well by providing us with highly accurate translations, which were perfectly adapted to our target teenage market and which offered a good reflection of the English slang in the various local cultures. We have a highly efficient working process with them, with their team of excellent professionals who always manage to provide us with well-translated texts, and always on time. Which is not easy, as we often send them last-minute orders with very tight deadlines. Our experience of working with Nóvalo as our sole localization service provider has been very positive. We hope to be working with them for many years to come!
Sulake Corporation – Habbo Hotel
The last few years working with Nóvalo have provided us with ample proof that their punctuality, availability and organization set them apart from their competitors and make them stand out. We greatly value the efficiency which they demonstrate as they work to continually update the translations on our tourist information platform. We can only be satisfied with the level of professionalism they offer at all times.
Consorcio Qualifica
Our company provides tax, legal and employment advisory services, and consultancy services, mainly to small and medium-sized businesses. As required in our field of activity, we have always found that Nóvalo is extremely thorough and professional when handling our orders: from the sworn translation of documents and deeds, to providing assistance for staff recruitment services for foreign branches of Spanish companies. They have shown outstanding commitment to the projects we have worked on together, so our trust in them is completely merited. During such difficult times as these, you have to admire the huge enthusiasm and ambition they show to continually adapt their business project and keep up-to-date with the latest information and communication technologies. We have always found them to be outstanding individuals with a good work ethic.
Consultora AUREN
We could describe the work which Nóvalo produces as fast and efficient, but that is what we would ask of any provider. In our case, the real positive which sets them apart for us, is in the friendly, personal touch and understanding that they provide, which is what clients really need, especially when processes and schedules have to be altered to achieve common goals.
Grupo Cortefiel – Springfield
After 8 years of non-stop collaboration with Nóvalo I can only highlight the top quality of their work. Not only do they stand out for their prompt reactions, but for the linguistic quality of the results they deliver. Ingenia feels very satisfied with their professionalism and compromise. We specially value that they send any question or query as soon as possible, always with the aim at not causing delays in their deadlines.
Ingenia – Unicaja
Corporate communication must be clear, consistent and coherent. Persistency and consistency depend on ourselves but, when you are communicating in three different languages, you need professional help to make the message clear enough. Our collaboration with Nóvalo and its integration in our communication procedures assure the multi-language quality and clarity required by the market.
Our hotel, Alcazaba Premium Hostel, has been open for less than a year now. However, Nóvalo has been helping and supporting us from the beginning. Regarding our web, they have been in charge of copywriting both, static and dynamic contents, and have launched a SEO and SEM campaign which has dramatically increased our visits and online reputation. We are so happy with their work in our web’s optimization, and with the put into action of an excellent RRSS management, too. They also translated the site into 10 languages, what allowed us an access to diverse markets and to receive many guests from around the world. In short, we will continue to work with them in everything that involves digital marketing strategies and contents, as we noted an exponential rise in visitors and reservations that benefits us directly, thanks for their work in these fields.
Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Experience and Customers

Our extensive customer portfolio includes some of the most important and renowned companies and organizations in the market:

We have also worked either directly or through third-party collaborations in projects for some of the world’s most significant companies, including:

Microsoft Hewlett Packard Oracle Toshiba Bosch SAP Nissan Audi Philips

BEA Systems Business Objects Sony Alcatel Verizon MySpace

Collaborating Organizations and Partners

In our effort to strengthen our positioning as a leading company in the industry, we have placed a wager on collaborating with private and public organizations which back our activities. We highlight our collaboration with some renowned Spanish organizations in this space:

Associations and Clubs

Our company also belongs to the associations and clubs set out below which contribute to promoting our corporate presence:

Associations and clubs

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