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Nóvalo becomes a member of Malaga Valley

In our constant search for presence and support to technological initiatives, Nóvalo has become part of Malaga Valley, a technological hub located in the metropolitan area of the city of Malaga in southern Spain, one of the greatest technological excellence areas in Europe. The idea is importing the Silicon Valley concept into Europe. This area has become a center of ideas and innovation generation, able to attract companies from around the world, investments in R & D and talent.

As you can see in the map heading this news, Nóvalo is one of the member companies of this technological valley and has established collaboration relationships in translation services with a remarkable number of the participating companies.

We hope this action constitutes a step further in our idea of being a company strongly supporting the technology and internationalization path of Spanish companies.

Right to left: Carmen Mateos, (International Business Development Adviser – Malaga City Council), Carlos Bolívar (Nóvalo Co-Founder), Juan Toledano (Public Relations at International Business Development Office – Malaga City Council)

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